Sujat Ahmed

Research Officer

Sujat Ahmed completed BS (Agriculture) and MS (Agronomy). He had been a Research Assistant Fellow of BAS-USDA PALS Program and MS Thesis Research Fellow of International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Mr. Ahmed worked under the SIIL-Polder project “ Unlocking the production potential of polder communities in coastal Bangladesh through improved resource use efficiency and diversified cropping system” jointly implemented by IRRI and Kansas State University, USA. He has conducted research in a medium saline polder on “Developing alternative cropping calendar in polder ecosystems with appropriate rice varieties through community based water management”. His main focus was aimed to increase farm income and nutrition security by intensifying polder farming system through implementation of sustainable and economically viable rice cultivation practices. Mr. Ahmed had established climate resilient HYV rice at different learning hubs of the SIIL-Polder project much earlier than traditional farmers’ cropping schedule to test the feasibility of intensifying cropping in polder ecosystem with high yielding and high value crops. He also got awards in different academic competitions. He attended some national and international conferences, most notably in the 5th International Rice Congress (IRC2018), Singapore. He is well conversant with agronomic research. He has published 8 research articles in national and international peer reviewed journals. 

As an Agronomist, Mr. Ahmed aims to contribute to Agricultural Development sector where he can use his knowledge of Agrotechonology, Agronomic Research, Research Methodology, Agribusiness, Crop production technology, Planning, designing and conducting experiments, Management of agricultural experiments at filed level. Mr. Ahmed wishes to contribute towards organizational goals through his technical skill, hard work and creativity. He holds keen passion to research as it’s about to invent or discover some new things which are most important in the upcoming future. His main research interest lies in climate smart agriculture, sustainable agriculture and food security.