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Developing a policy brief on Child Labour elimination in Bangladesh

Study details: Objective of the assignment The main objective of the policy brief is to develop an informative communicative knowledge product to inform policymakers. The specific goals are as follows: To assess the overall situation of working children in Bangladesh. Review and analyse the existing child labour-related laws, policies and…
| November 29, 2022

Developing IEC materials for COVID-19 awareness raising in Cox’sbazar

The objective of the assignmentThe assignment's main objective is to design, develop and produce IEC materials on COVID-19 awareness raising among Rohingya and host communities.MethodologySecondary review of existing IEC materials, including flip charts developed by the British Red Cross (BRC), Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS), International Federation of Red Cross…
| September 5, 2022

Developing IEC materials for courtyard session conduction on Disaster-resilient Livelihoods

Objective of the assignmentThe assignment's main objective is to design, develop and produce IEC materials on Livelihoods and DRR which will be used in courtyard session discussions in the project areas to increase knowledge and awareness among slum community people with varied literacy level.MethodologySecondary review of existing IEC materials including…
| September 3, 2022

Climate Change Impact & Livelihoods Assessment in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh

Kishoreganj District is a vulnerable area with respect to climate change. This district n is also a very much endangered area with diversified problems like reducing crops and livelihood activities, shortage of food, economic damage due to floods, erosion, excess rain and loss of land. Due to the climate change…
| August 22, 2022

Capacity building of youths and young journalists for science-policy interaction on methane gas emission reduction in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has the worst air pollution in the world and Dhaka is the worst city for air pollution. Study shows that in Dhaka city, air pollution increased by at least 7% in 2021 compared to the previous five years. Dhaka's annual economic damage from air pollution has been calculated at…
| August 19, 2022
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