Sponsors event

The South Asian Conference on “Unfolding Emerging Issues in the Context of Changing Climatic Scenario” offers academic and development outcomes towards the south asian context, facilitating access to the newest technical and scientific achievements.The conference offers a large spectrum of organizational conference sponsorships and associated benefits:

  • Logo in all knowledge products (Brochure, abstract book, pad, conference website), and visibility documents for the conference.
  • Hosting specific sessions with the sponsor’s interest.
  • Sponsor banners at the meeting locations
  • One keynote/invited speech of a sponsor representative


Submission of offered grants

All the grants will be considered and accepted, providing they indicate any other special clauses that are not listed among the sponsor benefits. The sponsorship application should be submitted by 30 September 2023. Late applications will be treated as disqualified.

Please send the sponsorship application to the conference organizing committee mentioning the subject line as sponsorship_1st South Asian Concerence_Name of Organization at: conference@cpe-bd.org 

Conference Sponsors