Research Coordinator





Research Coordinator



CPE Headquarter at Dhaka



Coordinates and administers research-associated activities of the Center for People and Environ (CPE). Assists in project planning, and ensures that pre-established work scope, study protocol, and regulatory requirements are followed. Recruits and coordinates research subjects, as appropriate, and serves as principal research administrative liaison for the project. Oversees and coordinates the provision of administrative and staff services to the director and experts; develops and maintains recordkeeping systems and procedures.



  1. Plans and coordinates the initiation of the research study protocol, and the establishment of operating policies and procedures.
  2. Promotes research capacity building among field team members.
  3. Plans, implements, and maintains data collection and analysis systems in support of research protocol; may coordinate the collection and analysis of research data.
  4. Recruits, instructs, and coordinates research subjects and/or volunteers, as appropriate to specific study objectives and work scope.
  5. Ensures the smooth and efficient day-to-day operation of research and data collection activities; acts as the primary administrative point of contact for internal research staff and as the principal operational liaison for research team members
  6. Coordinates the day-to-day activities of any technical support staff specifically engaged in the carrying out of research protocol, as appropriate to the position; may perform aspects of the research protocol, as required, following specified program objectives.
  7. Plans and coordinates the staffing of research studies, including the recruitment and administration of research support staff, as appropriate to the activity.
  8. Supervises and coordinates the provision of support services to investigators and researchers.
  9. Monitors the progress of research activities; develops and maintains records of research activities, and prepares periodic and ad hoc reports, as required by investigators, and administrators
  10. Maintain data server



  1. Post-graduate degree in Environmental Science/Disaster Management/Geography/Economics/Sociology/Anthropology or related discipline from a recognized university.
  2. 3-4 years experience in climate change, disaster risk reduction/climate smart development in a national research organization or think tank.
  3. Familiar with data analytical software (GIS, SPSS, etc.)



  1. Verbal communication skills
  2. Problem-solving skills
  3. Planning/organizational skills
  4. Personal motivation 5. Research Management capabilities



Monthly salary 40000.00-50000.00 BDT with other admissible benefits according to the organization rules.



If you are eligible, please apply before 15 March with a cover letter mentioning your suitability for the position, a detailed CV, academic and experience certificate, and recent photographs in the following email: Please mention “Application for the position of RESEARCH COORDINATOR” in the subject line of email.



15 March 2023