Mizanur Rakib

Research Associate

Mizanur Rakib is serving in the Center for People and Environ (CPE) as Research Assistant. Mr. Mizanur has great expertise in social communication and is very much interested in research work on the environment.

He has completed his Bachelor of Social Science (B.S.S) degree in “Anthropology” from the University of Chittagong, and he completed (M.S.S) in Anthropology at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

While completing his BSS degree he did his Research Monograph on “Rural Primary Education, Responsibility for student dropouts” at Subarnachar, Noakhali, Bangladesh. He is Co-writer of Oparajita Niranabbai and Golpo Katha books published by Chalantika and Golpokatha publication respectively. 

He wants to gain knowledge through research and explore the area of Human Behavior, Climate Change, weather, and environment-related issues. He also loves to read and write.