Masrur Abdul Quader

Research Associate

Masrur Abdul Quader is working as Research Associate in Center for People & Environ (CPE). Previously, he worked as a Content manager, Socian LTD, but his interest and expertise in research attracted him to work for the betterment of the nation.

He has completed his B.S.S. in Disaster and Human Security Management from Bangladesh University of Professionals, Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh and M.S.S. in Disaster Management & Resilience from the same institute.

While completing his Batchelor’s degree, he has completed his academic thesis on “Impact of Noise Pollution on the Public Health of the Residents of Dhaka City: A Self-Rated Health Study.” And in his Master’s degree, his academic thesis was on “Subjective Evaluation of Noise Pollution Among the General People of Dhaka City”.

During his Batchelor’s degree, he was a Research Assistant and worked in two funded research projects, “Effective Public Health Adaptation to Climate Change in Urban Community: A Case Study on Vector Borne Diseases in Dhaka City, which was funded by “University Grants Commission, Bangladesh” and “The Individual and Household’s Preparedness for Fire Hazards in Dhaka City” which was funded by “Bangladesh University of Professionals”. His interest and enthusiasm in research enabled him to publish six of his Journal Article in International Journals, “Status and perception toward the COVID-19 vaccine: A cross-sectional online survey among adult population of Bangladesh” published in Journal of Health Science Reports, “Perception of Noise Pollution and self-reported health status among adult population of Bangladesh”, “Knowledge, attitude and practice toward dengue fever among university students of Dhaka city, Bangladesh” was published in “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health”, “Knowledge, attitude, and hesitancy towards COVID-19 vaccine among university students of Bangladesh” was published in “PLOS ONE”, “Dengue Fever Responses in Dhaka City, Bangladesh: A Cross-Sectional Survey” was published in “International Journal of Public Health” and “Holistic Individual Fire Preparedness in Informal Settlements, Bangladesh” was published in “Journal of Fire Technology”.  He also had a Conference Abstract Publication on “Environmental Noise Pollution and Public Health of Urban Community: A Study on Mogbazar Area, Dhaka City, Bangladesh” in the “International Symposium on Environment, Disaster and Health, December 18-20,2019, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh”.

He is highly interested to research work. He wants to gain the opportunity to learn and to implement the acquired versatile knowledges and experiences through research and want to contribute in the area of Disaster Management, Climate Change, Water and Sanitation, Hygiene, Environmental Hazards, Public Health and so on.