Labour Market and Value Chain Assessment (LM-VCA)

The Center for People & Environ (CPE) conducted LMVCA through identifying barriers to people living in the Barishal being able to proactively position themselves for employment and to participate in disaster resilient income-generating ivelihoods activities through gender, age, disability and ethnicity segregated paradigm with a specific focus on the barrier’s to women’s economic integration. 

Objectives of the study
  • To identify technical skills in demand by the labor market and potential employers.
  • To understand the mismatch and gaps (skills, knowledge and experience) between what job seekers and employers are looking for, whether real or perceived.
  • To identify high growth sectors and businesses and active and functioning value chains in the areas which have potential for new entrepreneurs and businesses and the development of existing businesses seeking expansion; these would be areas where there is potential to integrate or create new value chains, thus enabling the inclusion of new and expanded businesses and also providing new job opportunities for job seekers from the slums.
  • To identify constraints and opportunities in the wider market system, including understanding the roles that informal and cultural norms may play in the job market and determining the supporting services or functions (such as access to market information) that may enable individuals to find steady work.
  • To understand gender specific dynamics in labor market and value chain.
  • To identify a portfolio of interventions as outlined in the scope of the assessment.
1. Methodology of the study
  • Assessment Labor Market Intelligence
  • Gathering Quantitative Labor Market Intelligence
  • Traditional Labor Market Data
  • Real-Time Labor Market Data
  • Gathering Custom Qualitative Labor Market Intelligence
  • Identifying Stakeholders
2. Value Chain Analysis
  • Value Chain Mapping
  • Analysis of Opportunities and Constraints
  • Using the Value Chain Framework
  • Vetting Findings of Chain Analysis through
  • Stakeholder Workshops

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