khaled muhammad prottoy

Khaled Muhammad Prottoy

Khaled MD Prottoy

Research Assistant

Khaled MD Prottoy is working as Research Assistant in Center for People & Environ (CPE). Previously worked in Grameenphone Telecommunications Company and Dlink Network equipment Corportation  as Assistant Network Engineer. He is the Co-Founder of Cynexsys IT. Exuding a dynamic, effective and influential leadership style that motivates. He created a team of 11 members, He successfully drives the Missions & Operations, he has single-handedly turned the company around by aligning the day-to-day work with values around diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, Completed several Projects. Achieved awards in different codefest, hackathon & contests.  He has great technical expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, Cyber security, DevOps, Networking, Debugging, Data analysis & Visualization, Algorithm,

He Graduated and Received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) from American International University, Bangladesh, Currently Perusing Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of People, California. His academic Thesis and Research papers are, namely as follows:

  • “A rigorous Study on Encryption Standards in Computer Networks with Some Possible Outcome”.
  • “Reduction of Time complexity and computational complex velocity in Quantum Computing”.
  • “Deep convolutional Neural Networking on Environment with coarse pruning”.

yielded multiple outcome and widely used in various algorithms and architectures within Industries, contributing towards Science and Environment. He is planning to peruse Doctoral research degree in his field later on. He is always engaged in Exploring, learning and thinking, highly interested in gaining knowledge and experience in both Operational and Field Research.