kabir babu

Kabir Babu

Head of People’s Media

Kabir Babu, a well-known director, directed a good number of documentary, docu-drama, short film, PSA, TVC, filler, drama, drama- serial, theatre and so on. Right now he is  working as an honourable Guest Producer in BTV. He works as a screen-Play writer and a Music planner. He knows the basic operation of camera and editing.  Worked in most of the channels and Governmental and private organizations in Bangladesh. His works were showed in many countries like USA, UK, Germany, France and so on. He got Mujib Olympic Award 2022 for filming “Pitar Chithhi”. He is an active member of Drama Director Guild, Producer association, Actor Equity, BFDC, ARANAYAK NATTODOL and many other respective Associations.