International Workshop on “Plastic Waste Management

CPE BD is going to organize an “International Workshop on “Plastic Waste Management” on the occasion of World Environment Day” in collaboration with Ecobricks Alliance (Indonesia), GFSRD (Malaysia), Global Centre for Rural-Urban Linkages Studies, CosmoMinds (India), NETRA Foundation, Guwahati, SSHP, Himachal Pradesh, RSNH, Rajasthan, International Bamboo and Rattan Organization, and MPSS, West Bengal.
The urban environment and sustainability of natural resources have been widely affected by the growing urban population and anthropogenic activities. The changing lifestyle of humankind has caused concern as resources are depleting, degrading, and adverse toward harmony with nature. The rapid expansion of urban areas presents fundamental challenges but there are also opportunities to restore ecological functions to design more livable, healthy, and resilient cities. Thus, it is imperative to bring transformative changes through policies, action, and sustainable lifestyles toward clean, green, and climate-resilient cities.
Time: Jun 5, 2023 02:00 PM India
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