Final Evaluation of Featuring Green Earth

Featuring Green Earth project implemented by Plan International Bangladesh in collaboration with Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) to support the youth of the slum to become strong activists by creating awareness and visibility about the inequality that exists in Dhaka contributing to making their city a more secure place to live. Under this project, Earth Club, a new concept of community based platform established in worst slum areas of Dhaka City (Dholpur Citypolli, Syedabad, Malek Member area, Khilgaon, Dhaka Match Colony, Shympur, Robidaspara, Wari, Mironzilla, and Siddique Bazar) containing members from young women and men in- and outside the formal school of selected slum areas. The Earth Clubs strengthen the dynamic and diverse civil society in slum areas building the capacity of the members through action learning.

Study objectives

The broad objective of the final evaluation is to assess the performance of the project and to capture the achievements, challenges, best practices, key lessons and recommendations for further improvement. 

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • To track achievements towards the outcome indicators as defined in the Project implementation plan and log frame; 
  • To document the lessons learned in order to improve the quality of future projects;
  • To assess the sustainability of the project.
Study methodology
  • Review project documents 
  • Policy analysis 
  • Quantitative information generation
  • Qualitative data gathering
  • KAP analysis 
  • Best practice documentation 

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