DRR and CCA-related policy reviews identify gaps and prepare recommendations for action through the lens of disability & women’s inclusion

Objective of the assignment

The policy review study aims to identify the DRR & CCA-related gaps in Bangladesh’s policy and practice level to prepare recommendations for action through the lens of disability and women’s inclusion. The specific objectives of the study are:

  • To identify the Climate Change vulnerabilities and their impact on women and persons with disabilities.

  • To determine the gaps in the inclusion of women and persons with disabilities in adaptation measures to Climate Change at the policy and practice level.

  • To provide practical recommendations on adopting inclusive DRR & CCA-related policies.


Methodology of the study

Secondary review

Collection, review, and analysis of scientific literature related to climate change, disaster, gender, and persons with disability inclusion

Scientific literature (grey and peer-reviewed) will be reviewed and analyzed following the listed process:

  • Searching the extant literature,

  • Screening for inclusion,

  • Assessing the quality of primary studies,

  • Extracting data, and

  • Analyzing data.


Review of documents, strategy, policies, etc.

Primary data collection

      Focus Group Discussion

Key Informants Interviews (KIIs)

Policy workshop






Funded by: Center for Disability in Development (CDD)

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