Developing a policy brief on Child Labour elimination in Bangladesh

Study details:

Objective of the assignment

The main objective of the policy brief is to develop an informative communicative knowledge product to inform policymakers. The specific goals are as follows:

  • To assess the overall situation of working children in Bangladesh.
  • Review and analyse the existing child labour-related laws, policies and regulations to see the relevance and effectiveness of these policies.
  • To place concrete recommendations for updating child labour-related laws, regulations and policies.
  • To analyse gaps between the implementation body and laws, policies and regulations.
Methodology of the policy brief

The policy brief development will adopt a participatory and multi-disciplinary approach of data collection and analysis to understand the historical trends of child labour in Bangladesh deeply, the existing situation of child labour, the causes of child labour, policy and practice regarding child labour elimination in Bangladesh and exploring sustainable pathways of child labour elimination. The assignment will review existing international and national policies, plans, strategies, best practices, study reports, project reports and scientific articles related to child labour. It will also make an effort to analyse implementation gaps through Key Informant Interviews (KII) with relevant government agencies.

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