Climate-smart farmer

Md. Harun, the smallholder farmer of Kacchapia village of Subarnachar, Noakhali is a member of
the Center for People and Environ (CPE) Sustainable Development Village (SDV). The village is
situated nearby the Meghna River. beside the Chitra River. The croplands of Mr. harun becomes
waterlogged during monsoon and it prolongs up to October. Not only so but also during winter, the
crop lands become salty. As a result, cropland farming was almost restricted for this period not only
for Harun but also for other smallholders who depend on farming for their livelihoods. Mr. Harun
said, “In 2020 CPE becomes in the village and asked to become a member of the SDV. But nobody
trusts CPE. CPE SDV facilitator several times met with smallholders and motivate a few farmers to
involve with the initiative. I have also been involved with other farmers.” Mr. Harun also added that
after involvement with the initiative, CPE has visited the lands where we cultivate crops. The CPE
team has collected soil with other information.” Mr. Harun uttered with a smiling face saying, it is
my good luck for being involved with the initiative. According to Mr. Harun, though he was not able
to cultivate in his small land all year round now, following the guideline of CPE, he is producing
vegetables in monsoon, winter, and summer. Mr. Harun is one of the safe food producer of CPE. He
also said that now he is can cultivate in waterlogged and salinity-affected lands and also get the
actual price of his production through the market linkage initiative of CPE. Last winter, Mr. Harun
cultivated red amaranth, bitter gourd, and sweet gourd, in his lands and sold approximately 38000.00
BDT with an estimated production cost of BDT 3600.00 BDT.

Written by
Muhammad Abdur Rahaman

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