Atmospheric methane concentration detection over time in Bangladesh

Methane emissions of Bangladesh climb by 1.45% from 82,590.0 kt of CO2 equivalent in 2017 to 83,790.0 kt of CO2 equivalent in 2018. Since the 0.82% decrease in 2016, methane emissions increased by 4.42% in 2018. In 2020, Kiros aerospace, a France based organization finds huge concentration of Methane over Bangladesh. As a follow up study, CPE in collaboration with Modern Scientist Global (MSG), a Canada based research organization started to conduct the study.

Objectives of the study

The broad objective of the study is to detect monthly, seasonal and annual methane concentration over Bangladesh at atmospheric level.

Methodology of the study
  1. Time series methane concentration analysis using Sentinel-5P for the period from 2019-2022.
  2. Geostatistical Analysis.
  3. Application Inverse Distance Weighting.
  4. Application of Zonal Statistics. 

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CPE and Modern scientist Global (MSG) team at the discussion meeting on the study of methane concentration detection at atmospheric level of Bangladesh

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